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Cerence Co-Pilot 荣获CES 2022年度创新奖

2022年01月03日 作者 dly

Cerence Co-Pilot为互联汽车和自动驾驶汽车打造崭新的主动式、多模态语音助理体验,实现更智能的交互

马萨诸塞州伯灵顿,2022年1月3日- Cerence Inc.赛轮思(NASDAQ: CRNC),AI for a world in motion,今天宣布其Cerence Co-Pilot——引领未来的车载语音助理,荣获CES 2022年度创新奖。


赛轮思的首席执行官Stefan Ortmanns博士(右),首席技术官Prateek Kathpal(中)及首席营销和传播官Richard Mack (左)在 Cerence展厅@CES 2022

CES Innovation Awards 创新奖是一年一度的行业盛事, 由美国消费技术协会 ( CTA ) 主办,评选涵盖27个消费科技产品品类。 本年度参评的产品达1800余个,由来自新闻媒体、工业设计、工程技术等领域的权威专家评委,从创新、工程和功能、审美和设计维度进行严格评审,旨在表彰杰出设计和功能的科技产品。


赛轮思首席执行官Stefan Ortmanns表示:“人工智能对未来移动出行至关重要,我们不仅能为驾驶者带来方便、愉悦和安全的体验,还能让汽车制造商保持对其品牌和数据的控制,同时仍能为驾驶者提供他们想要的安全、无缝和个性化互联体验。Cerence Co-Pilot正是因为驾驶者带来真正的AI虚拟副驾驶体验,赢得了CES 2022年度创新奖的荣誉。我为Cerence团队在车载语音助理关键核心技术实现重大突破而感到无比自豪。”

Cerence Co-Pilot是开创行业先河的车载助理,它可以分析语音、视线、手势和触摸输入及汽车传感器信息,同时灵活及安全地结合边缘技术与云服务,使驾驶更加直观、互联和愉悦。依托其突破传统的主动交互设计, Cerence Co-Pilot通过对车内和车外情况分析和理解,在合适的时间向驾驶者提供合适的信息,并在他们提出请求前主动采取行动。


赛轮思于2022年1月5日至8日在拉斯维加斯举行的消费电子展(CES)上,展示Cerence Co-Pilot和其强大的功能。 如欲了解更多Cerence Co-Pilot的信息,请访问www.cerence.com.cn/core_technologies 。

关于 Cerence Inc.

Cerence赛轮思(NASDAQ:CRNC)是为全球用户打造独特出行体验的行业领导者。作为全球领先的汽车制造商和移动出行OEMs的创新合作伙伴,它致力于推动移动互联的未来发展,并通过人与车、两轮车、乃至电梯之间直观且强大的交互,让消费者无论置身何处,都能将数字生活与日常出行无缝连接。Cerence的实力源自20多年的行业经验积累和超过4亿辆汽车的Cerence技术部署。无论是互联汽车、自动驾驶汽车、电动车还是建筑物,Cerence正在引领未来移动出行发展之路。如欲了解更多信息,请访问 www.cerence.com / www.cerence.com.cn 。



Cerence Co-Pilot Named CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree

Prestigious award recognizes Cerence’s new proactive, multi-modal, in-car voice assistant for connected and autonomous vehicles for its outstanding design and engineering

BURLINGTON, Mass., January 3, 2022Cerence Inc. (NASDAQ: CRNC), AI for a world in motion, today announced it has been named a CES® 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree for Cerence Co-Pilot, the future of the automotive voice assistant.

The CES Innovation Awards program, owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, is an annual competition honoring outstanding design and engineering in 27 consumer technology product categories. An elite panel of industry expert judges, including members of the media, designers, engineers, and more, reviewed more than 1,800 submissionsevaluating product innovation, engineering and functionality, aesthetic, and design.

“AI is deeply fundamental to the future of mobility, and we see our role as critical, not only in bringing convenient, enjoyable and safe experiences to drivers, but also giving OEMs the ability to maintain control of their brands and data while still giving drivers the secure, seamless and personalized connected experiences they want,” said Stefan Ortmanns, CEO, Cerence. “That’s what Cerence Co-Pilot delivers, and we are honored that it has been recognized as a CES 2022 Innovation Award winner. I’m immensely proud of the Cerence team for continuing to push the envelope when it comes to what in-car voice assistants are capable of.”

Cerence Co-Pilot is a first-of-its-kind in-car assistant. It analyzes voice, gaze, gesture, and touch, as well as data from the car’s sensors, while flexibly integrating with cloud services to keep drivers informed safe, and productive. Proactive by design, Cerence Co-Pilot understands situations inside and outside the vehicle to deliver the right information to the driver at the right time, offering to perform actions on their behalf before they even have to ask.

Cerence will showcase Cerence Co-Pilot and its expansive capabilities at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), taking place January 5-8, 2022, in Las Vegas. For more information about Cerence Co-Pilot, visit www.cerence.com/cerence-products/core-technologies. To learn more about Cerence, visit www.cerence.com, and follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Cerence Inc.

Cerence (NASDAQ: CRNC) is the global industry leader in creating unique, moving experiences for the mobility world. As an innovation partner to the world’s leading automakers and mobility OEMs, it is helping advance the future of connected mobility through intuitive, powerful interaction between humans and their cars, two-wheelers, and even elevators, connecting consumers’ digital lives to their daily journeys no matter where they are. Cerence’s track record is built on more than 20 years of knowledge and more than 400 million cars shipped with Cerence technology. Whether it’s connected cars, autonomous driving, e-vehicles, or buildings, Cerence is mapping the road ahead. For more information, visit www.cerence.com.  




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